The Authors


Antoine van Agtmael is senior adviser at Garten Rothkopf, a public policy advisory firm in Washington, DC. He was the principal founder, CEO, and CIO of Emerging Markets Management LLC and a founding director of the Strategic Investment Group; previously he was deputy director of the capital markets department of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) where he coined the term “emerging markets”, a division chief in the World Bank’s borrowing operations, managing director of TISCO in Thailand and vice president of Bankers Trust. Mr. van Agtmael is the author of The Emerging Markets Century (Free Press, 2007) and Emerging Securities Markets (Euromoney, 1984). He was an adjunct professor at Georgetown Law Center and taught at the Harvard Institute of Politics. Mr. van Agtmael is a board member of The Brookings Institution. Magnum Photos, the NPR Foundation (where he was chairman and also a board member of NPR), and the Smithsonian’s Freer Sackler. He is also a member of the Yale President’s Council on International Activities and the Council on Foreign Relations.

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Fred Bakker, until his recent retirement, was a journalist specializing in monetary and financial affairs with Het Financieele Dagblad, the “Financial Times of Holland,” serving as deputy editor, editor-in-chief and CEO. In addition to his writing and editing duties he helped develop the company from a newspaper publisher to a multimedia company, developing several websites, a business news radio channel, a quarterly business magazine, FD Outlook, and was responsible for the establishment of FD Intelligence.

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2 thoughts on “The Authors

  1. I love your book! Actually I purchased close to 20 copies to give out to stakeholders in my community. Many of the efforts you spoke about are already happening here, South Bend, Indiana. Although, I’m not seeing much brainsharing yet, but hope that will change. There is one component I don’t think you covered (or I missed it) was the contribution of immigrant communities to the re-birth of rust-belt cities.


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